The School Has Reopened with the Following Rules & Guidelines:

The school has reopened in compliance with state and the CDC guideline*. For the time being, we will continue the high-energy classes online to reduce the contact of respiratory droplets (sweat, coughing, sneezing etc.). Classes held at the studio will be restricted to low impact level activities with a limited number of students:  reviewing open hand and weapons forms, tai chi, and addressing any questions that students may have.

In accordance with CDC guidelines, students and visitors will be required to practice the following safety measures when attending in-studio classes:

  • Students and visitors attending in-studio classes will be required to wear a mask covering the nose and mouth at all times, including during practice.  Masks are required for the safety of everyone, the student and his or her fellow classmate, as well as the business and their clientele next door.
  • Students must schedule attendance at each in-studio class by sending Sifu Slaughter an email or text message. This will help to limit the number of students per class in order to maintain safe distancing during class sessions.
  • Students should come to the studio dressed to take class.  The bathrooms will be sanitized after each use.
  • Visitors accompanying students will be limited to parents and guardians of children under the age of 18 (one parent per student please).
  • Any student or visitor feeling sick are asked to stay home and refrain from attending in-studio classes until they are feeling better as the CDC recommends.

We appreciate your cooperation with the above measures to keep us all safe and healthy.  In addition, we will be using the fifteen-minute intervals between classes to sanitize the school routinely and will structure classes to maintain appropriate distances.

*Please check the CDC website for updates as guidelines change frequently.

Traditional martial arts, Tai Chi, and self-defense made relevant to the demands and stress of today’s world and each individual’s needs and goals.

Tai Chi for Health and Wellness

Gentle exercise in a calm environment – the beginning of wellness that comes with a settled mind free from the stress of the day.  Tai Chi – the hidden art of self-defense whose health benefits have been revealed by modern medicine – can help you increase your flexibility, stability, and concentration, and can help to reduce stress. For all ages, all fitness and skill levels.

Kung Fu for Adults & Teens

Strength to know your own body and mind. Confidence to walk away from bad situations. An ancient art that will teach you more about yourself than you ever thought you could know. Begin at the beginning and enjoy the journey. More than just a fitness regimen, more than learning fighting skills, Kung Fu brings harmony of mind and body that strengthens the entire human being. For all ages, all fitness and skill levels.

Martial Arts for Kids

Learning martial arts at an early age helps children develop confidence in all areas of their lives, as they find that they are capable of more than they imagined, and that hard work pays off.  Sifu Slaughter’s school instills young students with a strong sense of self-worth, respect for themselves and for others. Through creative self- defense drills and interactive practice sessions, young students develop coordination and control, with a healthy dose of exercise on the side!

Self Defense for All Ages

The average person in a threatening situation faced by a bad person who intends harm – freezes. Don’t freeze. Training in self-defense helps the mind and body to respond automatically to defend against an attack, without delay in those first critical moments. Knowing how to respond – to protect yourself and your loved ones – could make all the difference. For all ages, all fitness and skill levels.

Student Spotlight: Mary Lou Ferraro

Mary Lou Ferraro, age 74, has been studying under Sifu Slaughter and practicing Kung Fu and Tia Chi for the past 23 years. A former surgical ICU nurse at the veterans hospital, Ms. Ferraro displays amazing energy, flexibility and power in Kung Fu classes each week, not only keeping up with, but often outshining, her much younger classmates. Ms. Ferraro holds a level three black belt in kung fu after successfully testing for level 3 in early 2019. Ms. Ferraro also practices Tai Chi for increased balance and flexibility, and has taught both Kung Fu and Tai Chi.

What they say

We began taking Tai Chi lessons with Sifu Slaughter 10 years ago, and Kung Fu lessons over 8 years ago, and are thankful for the many ways in which Sifu Slaughter’s patient instruction and wisdom has improved our lives. When we attend class, the daily stress of work melts away and we find that we carry that calmness with us into our everyday lives. We have never felt healthier or in better shape than we do now; not just our bodies, but our minds get a workout with every lesson! Working together as a husband/wife team adds even more benefits – the level of trust it builds, the coordination and the joyful experience of discovering new learning together is truly special when your spouse is also your ͞sparring partner͟. We highly recommend Sifu Slaughter’s Chinese Martial Arts for everyone!
Mike & Celia Bauer