Kung Fu For Adults & Teens

Kung Fu, like all martial arts, requires practice, focus, and persistence. There is no “magic” unless it is the kind that comes through hard work and commitment, but the transformation that can be achieved is very real and very personal.  Through focused instruction and consistent practice, students develop their bodies and minds to achieve a higher level of control of their own movements, and through that control, attain a higher level of self-confidence in their abilities not only in martial arts, but in their daily lives.
Fitness is part of it, but not the whole story.  Fighting skills are part of it, but also not the whole story.  The whole story comes together in the individual who has trained hard and sees the results in the mirror.

Upcoming Kung Fu Classes

Double Fan
Shepherd’s Staff
Spear Form
3-Sectional Staff Form
Eagle Claw Bow
Double Saber Acrobatics
Double Sabres
Plum Blossom Saber

Two Person Double Dagger

(Hung Sau Seung Pei)

Three-Sectiona Staff

(Sam Jit Kwan)

Styles Of Kung Fu Taught

Sifu Slaughter’s CMA school focuses on the style of Kung Fu known as Jing Jow Pai (Northern Eagle Claw). Jing Jow Pai is a complete martial arts system known for its pressure point and joint locking techniques. While this style includes a variety of long-range techniques (kicks, sweeps, strikes), Jing Jow Pai is most effective at close range where its grabbing techniques help develop finger and wrist strength. Jing Jow Pai locking techniques are designed to control without seriously injuring one’s opponent. Ultimately, advanced practitioners of the art of Jing Jow Pai learn to sense the opponent’s intended movement in order to counter most effectively.  

Pai Lum (White Dragon Fist) is also included in the school’s curriculum. Pai Lum is a long-range style using a variety of punching and kicking techniques in practice forms designed to build endurance.  White Dragon Fist is known for its variety of techniques drawn from Kung Fu’s five animal styles, as well as its spinning and jumping movements

Fan Form

When I first started taking Kung Fu classes at Sifu Slaughter’s school, I knew I needed to loose some weight, but I had no idea just how out of shape I had become. 4 years later, I am 30+ pounds lighter and in the best shape that I’ve been in for a very long time. Not only am I getting in shape, but I am also learning how to defend myself at the same time. I have always enjoyed watching Kung Fu movies, and now I amaze myself at what I am able to do – even with martial arts weapons. Sifu Slaughter is an excellent teacher who always seems to know what each student needs. I felt an immediate connection with him and the school the first time we met, and the benefits I have seen over the past 4 years prove those first impressions were right! I highly recommend this martial arts school to everyone.
Rodger Weiss