Studying martial arts is a journey for all who participate regardless of when you start. To truly know the art, which has been conveyed person to person for nearly 2000 years, you must have real, live instruction. When referred to Sifu Slaughter just over 10 years ago, the person referring me said, “he truly lives his art”. Nothing could be more true. Sifu teaches with authenticity based on the classic martial arts systems he learned from his teachers. When we have the honor of representing his school in National tournaments, it is clear that he is one of the most highly respected instructors in the country. Everyone recognizes his presence at these events. For me personally, having started studying with Sifu at the age of 51, his expertise, understanding and enduring patience has been so important. I have grown as a martial artist and person and am very grateful.
Susan Cruz
We were impressed with Sifu Slaughter’s Chinese Martial Arts School from the very beginning! As new students, we were pleased to see the small class sizes and individualized attention the students receive. Sifu Slaughter’s unique focus on respect, motivation, strength and discipline has given our family self-confidence that carries through into our everyday lives.
Paul & Sandy Wasielewski
I want to thank you for helping to alleviate my hypertension! I have lost a total of sixty pounds as of February 1, 2008, and I have kept it off! I am currently at 169 lbs and my medical doctor discontinued my high blood pressure medication back on January 18, 2008, and I am in the best physical shape of my life. I could not have done it without your dedicated teaching of Kung Fu and Tai Chi for the last nine months!
Miguel A. Marrero, MD
My two brothers and I studied under Sifu for over 6 years. He always impressed us with his excellent technique and effective teaching methods. Instead of just going through the motions, Sifu explained the significance of each technique and movement. Better yet, with his instruction, we could apply the techniques to defend ourselves in unexpected situations. As an extremely knowledgeable and experienced practitioner of the martial arts, Sifu passed on his dedication and abilities to his students. We started out in his children’s classes and worked our way up to black belt. During all of this time, Sifu took personal interest in each of us and wanted us to lead a happy and fulfilling life in all aspects. Sifu Slaughter is an awe-inspiring teacher that we would highly recommend to anyone interested in pursuing martial arts in the future.
The Nowak Brothers
I have been taking classes with Sifu for 24 years. I started at 50 years of age. You are never too old to start especially with Sifu Slaughter.
John Doe
Mary Lou Ferraro
I first met Sifu Slaughter at age 3 when my mom began learning from him when she would bring my brother Noah and I along to watch. Soon after, Noah and I became interested in learning the techniques and forms that she was doing, so we started taking classes as well. Since then, we have all been learning from Sifu. He has taught Noah and I through our toddler years when we were “Little Dragons”, to our preteen years when we were “Big Dragons”, to now, when we are treated as adults. My mom, who knew him before we were even born, has also continued to learn from him, this being her 20th year as his student. Sifu Slaughter is a great teacher for people of all ages and from all walks of life and we highly recommend learning from him at his school.
I have been a student of Tai Chi under your tutelage for several months. I practice at St Paul’s United Methodist Church twice per week. I have had a painful shoulder rotator cuff for three years and nothing that I tried, to include physical therapy, was able to ameliorate the pain. Three weeks ago, during Tai Chi practice, I realized that my shoulder no longer hurt and I was now able to complete Tai Chi practice without any discomfort. Your style of instruction emphasizes movements that gently increase flexibility and enhance the circulatory system. I believe that an improvement in shoulder flexibility and increased blood flow in my shoulder region has led to the elimination of my rotator cuff injury. This would not have happened without your excellent instruction.Thank you.
Lawrence E. Likar