Demo Team

Sifu Slaughter’s Chinese Martial Arts Demo Team

Sifu Slaughter’s Chinese Martial Arts Demo Team performs demonstrations of Tai Chi forms, Kung Fu forms, and self-defense techniques for audiences of all ages in a variety of settings. The team has performed at events and venues ranging from the Silk Screen Asian Arts & Cultural Organization Film Festival Gala, to Kennywood Park, to retirement villages and church festivals.

Performances are tailored to match audience interest and can include open hand forms (no weapons), weapons forms such as straight sword or daggers, and partner forms where two persons engage in a choreographed martial demonstration with or without weapons.

  • Tai Chi demonstrations are slow and graceful, demonstrating controlled movements and precise coordination among group members.
  • Kung Fu exhibitions are energetic and exhilarating, demonstrating highly skilled and controlled fighting techniques.
  • Self-defense demonstrations can be performed with or without audience participation. These demonstrations provide essential techniques for protection in real life situations to kids, adults, and teens, and can be learned and used by anyone, even with no prior martial arts training.
To request a performance, contact Sifu Slaughter.