Sifu Slaughter’s Students Compete at Grand Master Yang Tournament

October 5, 2019 -- Akron, Ohio

Sifu Slaughter’s Chinese Martial Arts school competed in Grandmaster Yang Shu-Ton’s Wu Tang “Hall of Fame” Open 2019 International Chinese Martial Arts Tournament on October 5, 2019 in Akron, Ohio.  The school was represented by six of Sifu’s senior adult students who competed in open hand and weapons adult and executive divisions, open weapons, and partner form divisions.

Sifu Slaughter’s tournament team results:

  • Executive Division team took gold, silver, and bronze in both open hand and weapons divisions
  • Partner Form teams took gold and silver in weapons, and gold in open hand partner divisions
  • Open Weapons team took gold, silver and bronze;
  • Adult Women’s team took silver and bronze in open hand and short weapons divisions, and gold in long weapons.

Congratulations to all who participated!

It was great to see all our friends from Grandmas