Sifu Slaughter Teaches Tai Chi at Pitt’s BRiTE Wellness Center

April 17, 2019: Pittsburgh, PA

Sifu David Slaughter is excited to be teaching Tai Chi to participants in the University of Pittsburgh’s BRiTE (Brain Training and Exercise) Wellness Center program, managed by Pitt’s Department of Neurology. The BRiTE Wellness Center provides programs designed to stimulate the brain and body of individuals with known or suspected cognitive impairment, with the objective of improving overall health and wellness. The program’s activities are designed to increase strength and endurance, and improve balance and stability. Sifu was honored to be invited to teach Tai Chi as part of the BRiTE Wellness Center’s program and has begun teaching participants there on a weekly basis. For more information on the University of Pittsburgh’s BRiTE Wellness Center and its programs, see